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New Work as a game-changer for long-term success!

You want to continue to grow profitably and be successful and you want your managers to support you in the best possible way? And that in a world that is constantly changing - shaped by diversity, digitization, and volatile markets? And in a working world that makes planning difficult and that requires the self-organization and responsibility of the individual?

Dr. Barqawi New Work Consulting accompanies your change process in the company into the new working world. The focus is on change, cultural dialogue, and your management team.

About Us

When companies are in the process of change, there are many challenges. Regardless of whether you, for example

  • advance digitization,
  • merge,
  • prepare your executives for the new world of work,
  • test new managers for New Work compatibility before joining, or
  • want to give employees more responsibility.

In addition, 38% of all change projects fail 70% due to employee resistance and lack of management support.

New corporate strategies are necessary, the corporate culture must change, human resources strategies and organizational structures must be adapted, and work content and processes must be reformulated. New job profiles emerge, and different competencies of managers and employees are required to remain profitable in the dynamic market environment.

Change as an opportunity, because change affects us all!

With Dr. Barqawi New Work Consulting, you receive comprehensive consulting and solutions on how to get your employees on board in transformation processes and unleash their energy optimally - in such a way that managers and employees also support the change. This usually takes place in parallel with classic strategy consulting, which first defines the content-related technical requirements and processes.

In addition, you get structured transparency about your corporate culture, the competencies of your managers, and their attitude. On this basis, we work with you to develop custom-fit human resources strategies and ways to grow further and accompany the change.

As strategy consultant, trainer, and coach, we offer you up-to-date New Work tools tailored to your company, which aim to create trust and stability in a time of uncertainty.

You, the customer, and the concrete added value are our priority.

Generating sustainable solutions is our personal goal. By understanding your business model, your corporate culture, and the actors behind it, we can work out the goals of the respective project in a holistic manner in dialogue with you. In addition, we can draw on a broad cross-industry network and use best practice experience as a basis.

With many years of experience in managing various human resources projects, we have the ambition to be an impulse generator and sparring partner and to accompany your company in the New Work.


Development of the New Work HR strategy into a customer-centric strategy. Initiating and accompanying cultural change. Holistic change management support. Together with you!

New Work leadership needs a lot of trust - especially in times of uncertainty!

Development of future leadership competencies. This gives you transparency about future competencies. Development and implementation of management audits. Tailored to your company!
Executive coaching and team coaching. Development and implementation of training and workshops with the aim of anchoring the New Work mindset and new working methods. It's about internalizing New Work leadership and growing together in change!
Development and implementation of proven and New Work recruitment methods and procedures, including interview training with the goal of finding suitable executives with future competencies and ensuring the best New Work fit!

New Work attitude always goes hand in hand with a reflection of one's own actions, openness to new things, and divergent views!

Our methodology draws on a variety of competencies, qualifications, training, and practical experience. In addition to business know-how, especially with a focus on human resources, our training as New Work Professional,  Systemic Coach and other educations helps us to achieve the right results for you in a strength-focused and targeted solution-oriented way.

We combine mindfulness practices and New Work tools specifically for coaching and training. Aptitude diagnostic tools are used for transparency of future competencies of your leaders.

Cultural Change can break down negative beliefs and make room for innovation!

My success factors

Dr. Dianah Barqawi

Managing Director and Owner

  • With over 25 years of experience focused in the financial services environment as an HR Director and most recently as a Senior Director in the chemical environment, I am very familiar with digital change in the industry and have implemented it myself. Be it to initiate modernizations or to leverage efficiencies.
  • In addition, I have sustainable and demonstrable qualifications and expertise in New Work HR topics to accompany your company in a future-oriented manner. My extensive experience in working with management and the board of directors completes my profile.
  • The main focus of HR topics is HR strategy, change management, cultural change and leadership development.
  • In-depth experience in aptitude diagnostics, training, and executive coaching are part of my experience. This includes management audits and recruitment methods - particularly individual assessments.
  • The latest methods and structuring competence - precisely adjusted to your individual requirements are also available.
  • Beyond that, I am a broad networker, that includes other industries as well that are facing the same New Work challenges.
  • Collaboration with cooperation partners from science and practice.

Key educational steps

New Work Professional, les enfants terribles (certificate) I Systemic Coach, COMPETENCE ON TOP (certificate)I Mindfulness, Return on Meaning (training program) I Meditation, Meditation Centre - Heidrun Knigge (training program) I 5 years honorary judge at the labour court in Frankfurt I Master in Business Administration at the FU Berlin I Ph.D. at the University of Potsdam


Strategy development /
- implementation

  • Cultural change and introduction of agile new work methods
  • Human Resources strategy
  • Personnel cost control to reduce personnel costs
  • Change/restructuring in the context of efficiency projects
  • Cultural integration of two companies
  • Various management training courses

Various HR Topics

  • Consulting and coaching managing directors and division heads as well as mentoring future managers
  • Design and implementation of a digitization strategy in recruiting, including the use of agile working methods and training sessions
  • Design and implementation of management audits and individual assessments for department heads, division heads, and managing directors
  • Introduction of strategic personnel planning for major projects
  • Initiation of personnel development and new leadership programs
  • Speaker on New Work topics

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